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Nanjing Sinergy Gearing Technology Company Ltd.

Sinergy Gearing Technology Company is a premier manufacturer of industrial gearboxes. Ever since Sinergy’s inception in Nanjing, it has strived to reach new frontiers of technical excellence. Sinergy designs and produces a wide range of worm, parallel shaft and right angle shaft helical and spiral bevel helical gears with horizontal and vertical output shafts in various sizes, from single to quadruple stage reduction. These products can be applied in steel industry, cement industry, marine industry, locomotive industry, wind turbine industry etc. we have established the reputation of excellence in customer’s mind. We manufacture spur and helical gear units within the following limits: Hobbed tooth up to approximately 4 meters in diameter Ground tooth up to 2.6 meters both external and internal gear ring In-house carburizing up to 3.5 diameters by 1.5 meters high or 1meter diameter by 3.8 meters length Our in-house heat treating provides metallurgical properties to AGMA grade 3, the highest AGMA grade, when necessary. Gear teeth are finished on the latest state-of-the-art form grinders to achieve quality levels to AGMA Q15 (A2). In-house shot peening We are committed to producing the highest quality, most cost effictive priced industrial gearbox in China. We collaborate with a select group of material providers to ensure quality is part of the process from the get-go. And with the best, most advanced manufacturing equipment available, we ensure high productivity and minimal manufacturing losses. In addition, our staff is trained in non-destructive testing, magnetic particle inspection, nital etching, and ultrasonic inspection to ensure the highest material qualities. Even as we expand our focus on wind energy industry, we continue to provide exceptional service to our traditional sectors. All of these fast growing markets require the highest level of quality and technical expertise and experience, and Sinergy has it. Sinergy has bought different types of internal/ external form grinding machines from Hofler and Niles. We also own CNC hobbing machines(Max 2.8 meters) , CNC vertical grinding machines, horizontal boring and milling machine centers and modern assembly workshop. We plan to continue leading the way in gear industry, working with our customers and our partners to advance the craft and meet rapidly expanding needs of industry. And we want to partner with you!

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It has long been committed to the research and development of product technology and the development of more and more new product applications